Macaroonia - Land of White Chocolate and Coconut

Chapter Seven: Meet the Lizardfolkers
Purple people eaters.

Session #7 Individual XP Rewards:

  • 50 XP – EEEAAI/Tim/Halfear – gave Recap of Session #6 events
  • 100 XP – EEEAAI/Tim/Halfear – Strategic Fighting: used Cleave ability 2x vs lizardfolk
  • 50 XP – EEEAAI/Tim/Halfear – used Cooking skill on giant tortoise: x5 turtle steaks
  • 50 XP – EEEAAI/Tim/Halfear – Strategic Fighting: used Ready Attack vs Minotaur
  • 50 XP – Hallog nok Dol – Strategic Fighting: used Flanking vs lizardfolk
  • 50 XP – Hallog nok Dol – Cast Aid on ally vs Stone Golem
  • 50 XP – Hallog nok Dol – Cast Shield Other on ally in combat
  • 50 XP – Hallog nok Dol – Cast Cure Light Wounds on injured ally
  • 150 XP – Mary Jane Little Flame – Killing Shot vs. Eki-Eka! (risked a lethal attack of opp.)
  • 50 XP – Mary Jane Little Flame – Cast Read Magic on unidentified potion
  • 50 XP – Sbava – used Search to find magic ring on Eki-Eka’s corpse
  • 50 XP – Sbava – used Search to find ‘railway’ tracks, leading from lower stairs to Armory
  • 50 XP – Sbava – Searched and used Open Locks to open secret passage to Vault
  • 50 XP – Sbava – unlocked and searched the locked Locksmith room
  • 150 XP – Sbava – Killing Shot vs Minotaur! (using 2-handed Fighting)
  • 100 XP – Sbava – successfully opened the Dwarven Vault (x3 Open lock checks), used Lockslip
  • 100 XP – Silva – used Die of Power to Banish the Stone Golem!
  • 50 XP – Silva – used Search to find tracks of lizardfolk in Armory
  • 50 XP – Silva – found the secret case of Rings of Dwarven Kin in the Vault
  • -1,000,000 XP – Silva – character not on website :-P

Current Quests:

  • Restore the Moradin Fountain
  • Restore the Liminis Fountain
  • Find the donkey
  • Find Pili

Session #7 Synopsis:

Oh what a perfect day.

Chapter Six: More Heroes
Explore the Temple or Save the Ass?

Session #6 Individual XP Rewards:

  • 50 XP – EEEAI – attack of opportunity vs the Ice Troll Hag
  • 50 XP – EEEAI – shattered the giant boulder blocking the Nibaxis statue/fountain
  • 50 XP – EEEAI – 1st to sit in stone chair of Nibaxis Fountain
  • 50 XP – Freya – 1st to suggest using fire on ‘frozen’ Wandala statue
  • 50 XP – Freya – resisted evil aura of Liminis statue to search & find blood runes
  • 50 XP – Freya – cast Magic Missile spell vs Ice Troll Hag
  • 50 XP – Hallog – used torch to attack Ice Troll Hag
  • 100 XP – Hallog – Killing Shot of Ice Troll Hag (critical hit with a torch!)
  • 50 XP – Mary Jane – cast Produce Flame on frozen statue, 1st to try fire on it
  • 50 XP – Mary Jane – helped reveal the Ice Troll Hag that resided in Wandala fountain
  • 50 XP – Silva – searched and found the secret entrance in lizard statue
  • 50 XP – Silva – used Handle Animal skill to ‘calm’ a giant lizard (Gordon)
  • 50 XP – Sbava – used Tumble skill in combat for strategic position
  • 50 XP – Sbava – used Sneak Attack ability in combat to fuck up a giant lizard

Current Quests:

  • Restore the Moradin Fountain
  • Restore the Liminis Fountain
  • Find the donkey
  • Find Pili

Session #6 Synopsis:

In the aftermath of Ballastor battle, in which the demon was destroyed in an explosive blast that (briefly) took the lives of two PCs, the adventurers resume their search of the Temple. They discover that the baby Balor’s blast created a crack in the giant boulder blocking one of the five Fountains. The mighty halfling EEEAAAIII (aka Halfpint, Tim, etc.) used his extraordinary strength to sunder the boulder in half. When the boulder fragments were cleared away, the Fountain was restored! Quest complete!

Around this time a new face emerged from the shadows… an elf named Freya. Her past and method of arriving to the Temple was unknown to the other would-be heroes, but they welcomed her in the party. Perhaps her unique skills would prove useful.

With two of the five magical Fountains restored, the PCs now had a choice: should they continue to investigate the other ‘broken’ fountains, or search outside the Temple for the donkey they left grazing in the field. The debate over which course of action raged on for minutes, but eventually it was decided to make the Fountains their first priority.

While Tim was most interested in the largest statue’s fountain, that of Moradin the father-god of dwarves, Freya took a closer look at the Liminis Fountain, which was surrounded by strange runes written in blood. As she approached the basin, her mind was flooded with horrific thoughts and images. She fought back against the mental attack long enough to reach the fountain, but was overwhelmed by the fear and was forced to flee from the fountain!

The party then looked again at the statue-fountain of the nature goddess, Wandala. The only fountain that was perfectly circular, the Wandala statue stood nearly 10’ tall in the middle with four arms stretched out, hands pointing down. A layer of ice & frost covered the statue, and the basin was filled with ice. When the group tried using fire on the ice, it reacted strangely – as if the ice screamed in pain! They surrounded the fountain with heat & fire, and discovered what was ‘freezing’ the fountain – the ice lifted off the statue & formed into the grotesque shape of an Ice Troll Hag! And she was pissed.

The ensuing battle started off rocky, as Silva’s holy-dipped arrows failed to penetrate the monster’s defenses. But after hacking away at it, Hallog rightly used a torch to attack the Troll, striking it square in its belly. A critical hit! The Ice Troll Hag was obliterated, and the Wandala Fountain’s water flowed freely! Another Quest complete!

Ding! PCs level up!

After the battle, they returned to the Fountain of Nibaxis, the half-dwarf, half-ant creature whose fountain had a large stone chair in the middle of the basin. When Halfpint sat on the chair, the fountain came to life! A dome of crystal-clear water encompassed the Chair, and the seated Halfpint was instilled with newfound physical power. One-by-one, the other adventurers sat on the chair, and they too were infused with added strength and/or quickness.

Finally it was time for the party to move on from the auspicious Fountain room. They took the path to the right first, which led to an ornate spiral staircase winding up to the upper levels of the Temple. Try as they might, the explorers could not reach the second floor. Each time they climbed the stairs, just before arriving to the next level, POP!, they found themselves back on the first step of the staircase. Deterred for now, they left this area and instead headed for the stairs that led downstairs.

The ghost of Xalandra told them to search “below” for the gemstone eyes needed to restore the Moradin statue. So they went down to Temple Dungeon Level 1, where they had previously found the evil staff that had been poisoning the fountains’ water supply. One passage previously unexplored was blocked by a large, crude statue of a lizard creature. The ranger Silva searched and found that the lizard’s “tail” concealed a hidden passage that led to the end of the hallway. There, they reached another stairwell leading down to Temple Dungeon Level 2.

Chapter Five: PCs meet Ballastor
Ballastor is a baby Balor. Or, was.

Session 5 Individual XP Rewards:

  • 50 XP – EEEAI/Tim/Halfpint – original tactic: sprayed holy water from wineskin on Ballastor
  • 50 XP – EEEAI/Tim/Halfpint – used fighting techniques (flanking, total defense) to survive Ballastor encounter
  • 50 XP – EEEAI/TimHalfpint – distracted Ballastor with successful Taunt
  • 50 XP – EEEAI/Tim/Halfpint – discovered a switch that opens ammo slits in weaponsrack room
  • 50 XP – Hallog – cast spell Expedious Retreat to quickly gather weapons for group
  • 50 XP – Hallog – cast spell Detect Magic on chest to find magic weapons
  • 50 XP – MaryJane – thought of & tested ‘bottling’ the Fountain of Rejuvenation’s water
  • 50 XP – MaryJane – for almost disrupting the Wraith’s summoning spell (good notion)
  • 50 XP – MaryJane – cast spell Guidance to help teammate during battle
  • 50 XP – MaryJane – jumped into LifeFountain to dodge Ballastor’s death explosion
  • 50 XP – Sbava – translated message on strange pyramid-shaped structure
  • 50 XP – Sbava – discovered magic wand in secret compartment of weapons rack
  • 50 XP – Silva – original tactic: Started “dipping ammo in holy water” fad
  • 100 XP – Silva – got Killing Shot that destroyed Ballastor (with +1 arrow, splash damage)

Post-Session 5 Notes:

  • I believe Sbava needs to finish leveling up to 3rd level. She did roll & add her hit points, but hasn’t picked Skills, Feats, updated BAB, saves, etc.
  • Silva Thorne gets another +2 bonus to Survival because of Search synergy bonus (in Player’s Handbook 3.5, Survival)

Current Quests: (assuming the group has ‘accepted’ these Quests)

  • Restore Wandala Fountain
  • Restore Liminis Fountain
  • Restore Moradin Fountain
  • Restore (?) Fountain (PCs haven’t learned name yet)

Session #5 Synopsis:
The ghost Xalandra thanks the party for restoring the Fountain of Rejuvenation (statue of the goddess Shalandra). Suddenly she disappears again!

Then out of the shadows, a new face appears. Halfpint considers charging and chopping the newcomer in half, but instead they all trade business cards and welcome Sbava to the group. Hey, what’s the name of this group, anyway? A group should have a name..

Sbava tells the others a bit about how she arrived (leaving out some details), and how her pet Pili-Monster fell off the bridge into the water below. She searched for Pili, but to no avail. Perhaps a Ranger’s skills could help find the tracks..

  • A new Quest is available to the group: Rescue Pili!

The group begins to check out the 5 different fountains and statues. Experimenting with the only working fountain, of the goddess Sharadeen, Halfpint and Mary Jane Little Flame discover the water does not heal wounds once it has been transferred to a container. But, the ‘bottled’ water is still special.

The ghost Xalandra reappears and offers to tell the PCs anything she can about the fountains. The largest statue belongs to Moradin, father-god of the dwarven pantheon. His statue holds a giant metal bowl, out of which once burned magical flames that can enchant weapons.

She also describes the Wandala statue and fountain. Wandala is the four-armed goddess of nature. The circular fountain, when functional, allows 4 heroes to avail themselves of her blessing at once. Currently the fountain’s basin is filled with solid ice, and the statue is covered in frost and icicles. Xalandra cannot explain why.

In Memory:
Poor baby Ballastor. All he ever wanted to do was destroy all that is good and holy! And those meddling adventurers had to end his existence. He was still several hit dice away from full-grown Balor-hood. Never had the chance to gain the power to wreathe his body in flames, or cast Unholy Blight! What else can we say about Ballastor, other than that his death was not a complete waste. At least he took a couple of those do-gooders with him!

Chapter Four: Out of this World!
Horde on Hold; PCs Teleport to Temple

Session #4

The odd wizard Gilgamesh says the PCs are too green to take on the hobgoblin horde, and he’s too preoccupied with other pressing concerns. His solution: cast a rare, one-time spell that will “advance” the party in experience/power.

Abra Cadabra, yo!

They are teleported to a strange foreign land. Around them is a dense jungle full of alien smells and sounds. In this clearing, a temple has been built into a mountainside. A large doorway (10’ high) marks the entrance, with no discernible way to open it.

The doors mysteriously open for the PCs, and they explore the ancient-looking temple.

Inside is some unusual architecture, leading to a gigantic cathedral-like room. Against each wall is an oversized Fountain, each unique in its design, but none of them are functional. Indeed, these are the ruins of a once awe-inspiring temple.

They meet a ghost: the spirit of the matriarch who once presided over this temple. She tells the PCs how her people suffered a tragic fate, and the holy Fountains have been desecrated. Before she can go on, her eyes grow large, “dear gods, they’re back.” She shrieks and disappears.

Intruders have broken into the temple! The leader appears to be a talking snake-like creature, with a lisp. He orders his gargoyles to subdue the PCs, and the battle begins!

The fight is not easy – arrows and other normal weapons aren’t damaging the gargoyles, and the snake-man has more than a few special tricks up his.. vest.

But luckily, his enchantment spells are resisted, and the PCs turn the tide, led by a raging halfling. I can’t remember how they beat the gargoyles, but somehow they did (no really, they actually did enough magical damage, but how?).

In any case, the foes are defeated, and ghost returns. She asks them to help restore one of the fountains, the Fountain of Rejuvenation. They must go down a level below, and seek out the water’s source. Something is befouling the water.

Their search leads them past some easily-smooshable stirges in an underground cave where a river runs with tainted water. Heading upstream, they reach the taint’s source: an unholy staff (emanating evil) that’s lodged in the middle of the river. Wound around the staff are snakes with gems for eyes. When the PCs approach, the gems glow red, and the PCs are attacked by, you guessed it, snakes!

The PCs survive the snakes without a single poisoning (I mean seriously, they had some lucky rolls that day). Using the skill Rope Use, they lasso the staff and pull it loose. Reeling it in, I believe they decided to smash the damn thing.

The matriarch is super pleased, and tells them they can use the now flowing Fountain of Rejuvenation to heal any wounds they might have suffered.

yabadadabaDAba that’S ALL FOLKS

Chapter Three: Wreckage of the Horde
The tracks lead to a grisly scene...

Session #3

The tracks of the hobgoblins who robbed Clarice’s farmhouse head towards a small community of farm and fishing cottages, where they merge with the tracks of a greater number of troops.

The homes have been looted and decimated. The residents killed, their bodies burning in smoldering piles.

The PCs search the decimated homes. They find 1 survivor, a cranky old man. In another house they’re attacked by a vicious snake, that fights to its death.

The day is mostly over, and the PCs prepare to continue on the path of the horde, when they see a figure flying in the distance.

The flying man asks the PCs to clean up the town, in return for a special reward…

Cue ’80s Clean-Up Montage Music!

Chapter Two: Tracking the Horde
Into the Hills and Through the Woods

Session #2

PCs track the hobgoblin troops through a forest, where they find rare, possibly hallucinogenic, mushrooms. Some PCs see a glowing green eyeball floating through trees.

Out of the woods, they encounter hobgoblins and their wolves on a hillside. Halfpint charges the hill and takes out the hobbo shot-caller, suffering a critical hit that cuts off half his ear (resulting in yet another nickname, “half ear”).

Meanwhile, Silva Thorne repelled the wolves with words and arrows. Mary Jane casts Shillelagh and clubs the largest wolf, ending the battle. They skin the wolves, loot the hobbos, and rest.

Before resting, Hallog nok Dol took a walk. Led by instinct, he was compelled towards a clearing, where he had an interesting encounter…

Enter the PCs: Eat, Drink & Greet
Party on!

Session #1

Some stuff happened, I recall. Mostly character generation. Some yuts. Some oomphs.

A PC walks into a bar. They both roll initiative. The PC wins, uses flint & steel to burn bar to ground. PC dies in fire.


The PCs start in a small hamlet, where a tavern and a weekly farmer’s market are the only public locations. In The Green Dragon are local postings, and the party is drawn towards a posting asking for help in a small town to the north, up a seldom-used highway.

After a night of drinking, where Halfpint earned his first nickname and kudos from the tavern patrons, they set off for the town. They travel for a week or so without incident, and arrive to the location described in the posting, but no town exists, just an open, grassy area that feels a bit “off”.

Confused, the PCs eventually leave the site, heading back south down the road. While passing by farmlands, they hear fighting from one of the farms! The farmers are being attacked by hobgoblins! Naturally, the PCs save the day, and are thanked by Jorgan and Clarice.

But they didn’t get kill all the hobbos, some got away. And they stole something from Clarice


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