Macaroonia - Land of White Chocolate and Coconut

Chapter Two: Tracking the Horde

Into the Hills and Through the Woods

Session #2

PCs track the hobgoblin troops through a forest, where they find rare, possibly hallucinogenic, mushrooms. Some PCs see a glowing green eyeball floating through trees.

Out of the woods, they encounter hobgoblins and their wolves on a hillside. Halfpint charges the hill and takes out the hobbo shot-caller, suffering a critical hit that cuts off half his ear (resulting in yet another nickname, “half ear”).

Meanwhile, Silva Thorne repelled the wolves with words and arrows. Mary Jane casts Shillelagh and clubs the largest wolf, ending the battle. They skin the wolves, loot the hobbos, and rest.

Before resting, Hallog nok Dol took a walk. Led by instinct, he was compelled towards a clearing, where he had an interesting encounter…


Cor_Bob Cor_Bob

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