Macaroonia - Land of White Chocolate and Coconut

Chapter Five: PCs meet Ballastor

Ballastor is a baby Balor. Or, was.

Session 5 Individual XP Rewards:

  • 50 XP – EEEAI/Tim/Halfpint – original tactic: sprayed holy water from wineskin on Ballastor
  • 50 XP – EEEAI/Tim/Halfpint – used fighting techniques (flanking, total defense) to survive Ballastor encounter
  • 50 XP – EEEAI/TimHalfpint – distracted Ballastor with successful Taunt
  • 50 XP – EEEAI/Tim/Halfpint – discovered a switch that opens ammo slits in weaponsrack room
  • 50 XP – Hallog – cast spell Expedious Retreat to quickly gather weapons for group
  • 50 XP – Hallog – cast spell Detect Magic on chest to find magic weapons
  • 50 XP – MaryJane – thought of & tested ‘bottling’ the Fountain of Rejuvenation’s water
  • 50 XP – MaryJane – for almost disrupting the Wraith’s summoning spell (good notion)
  • 50 XP – MaryJane – cast spell Guidance to help teammate during battle
  • 50 XP – MaryJane – jumped into LifeFountain to dodge Ballastor’s death explosion
  • 50 XP – Sbava – translated message on strange pyramid-shaped structure
  • 50 XP – Sbava – discovered magic wand in secret compartment of weapons rack
  • 50 XP – Silva – original tactic: Started “dipping ammo in holy water” fad
  • 100 XP – Silva – got Killing Shot that destroyed Ballastor (with +1 arrow, splash damage)

Post-Session 5 Notes:

  • I believe Sbava needs to finish leveling up to 3rd level. She did roll & add her hit points, but hasn’t picked Skills, Feats, updated BAB, saves, etc.
  • Silva Thorne gets another +2 bonus to Survival because of Search synergy bonus (in Player’s Handbook 3.5, Survival)

Current Quests: (assuming the group has ‘accepted’ these Quests)

  • Restore Wandala Fountain
  • Restore Liminis Fountain
  • Restore Moradin Fountain
  • Restore (?) Fountain (PCs haven’t learned name yet)

Session #5 Synopsis:
The ghost Xalandra thanks the party for restoring the Fountain of Rejuvenation (statue of the goddess Shalandra). Suddenly she disappears again!

Then out of the shadows, a new face appears. Halfpint considers charging and chopping the newcomer in half, but instead they all trade business cards and welcome Sbava to the group. Hey, what’s the name of this group, anyway? A group should have a name..

Sbava tells the others a bit about how she arrived (leaving out some details), and how her pet Pili-Monster fell off the bridge into the water below. She searched for Pili, but to no avail. Perhaps a Ranger’s skills could help find the tracks..

  • A new Quest is available to the group: Rescue Pili!

The group begins to check out the 5 different fountains and statues. Experimenting with the only working fountain, of the goddess Sharadeen, Halfpint and Mary Jane Little Flame discover the water does not heal wounds once it has been transferred to a container. But, the ‘bottled’ water is still special.

The ghost Xalandra reappears and offers to tell the PCs anything she can about the fountains. The largest statue belongs to Moradin, father-god of the dwarven pantheon. His statue holds a giant metal bowl, out of which once burned magical flames that can enchant weapons.

She also describes the Wandala statue and fountain. Wandala is the four-armed goddess of nature. The circular fountain, when functional, allows 4 heroes to avail themselves of her blessing at once. Currently the fountain’s basin is filled with solid ice, and the statue is covered in frost and icicles. Xalandra cannot explain why.

In Memory:
Poor baby Ballastor. All he ever wanted to do was destroy all that is good and holy! And those meddling adventurers had to end his existence. He was still several hit dice away from full-grown Balor-hood. Never had the chance to gain the power to wreathe his body in flames, or cast Unholy Blight! What else can we say about Ballastor, other than that his death was not a complete waste. At least he took a couple of those do-gooders with him!


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