Dice of Power

Roll it and see


The Dodecahedron is a 12-sided magical die. There are dice of power scattered across Macaroonia.

Each PC begins with a die of power (dodecahedron), but could find more later…


Well, Bender was crazy, see? And the Professor, he was doing some wacky science stuff.
And the 12-sided die was being used for the ultimate purpose: table top gaming.

Somehow the world turned upside down, and Bender became a knight, Fancy Man of somewhere!

And Fry, he had the die of power in his pocket the whole time. When facing those crum bums, he teleported them to a swamp! “Get out of my swamp, you kids!” Said the swamp hag.

Flash forward to Macaroonia, where the candy grows on trees. Well, if sugar cane counts. It counts.

Dice of Power

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