Macaroonia - Land of White Chocolate and Coconut

Enter the PCs: Eat, Drink & Greet

Party on!

Session #1

Some stuff happened, I recall. Mostly character generation. Some yuts. Some oomphs.

A PC walks into a bar. They both roll initiative. The PC wins, uses flint & steel to burn bar to ground. PC dies in fire.


The PCs start in a small hamlet, where a tavern and a weekly farmer’s market are the only public locations. In The Green Dragon are local postings, and the party is drawn towards a posting asking for help in a small town to the north, up a seldom-used highway.

After a night of drinking, where Halfpint earned his first nickname and kudos from the tavern patrons, they set off for the town. They travel for a week or so without incident, and arrive to the location described in the posting, but no town exists, just an open, grassy area that feels a bit “off”.

Confused, the PCs eventually leave the site, heading back south down the road. While passing by farmlands, they hear fighting from one of the farms! The farmers are being attacked by hobgoblins! Naturally, the PCs save the day, and are thanked by Jorgan and Clarice.

But they didn’t get kill all the hobbos, some got away. And they stole something from Clarice


Cor_Bob Cor_Bob

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