Macaroonia - Land of White Chocolate and Coconut

Chapter Three: Wreckage of the Horde

The tracks lead to a grisly scene...

Session #3

The tracks of the hobgoblins who robbed Clarice’s farmhouse head towards a small community of farm and fishing cottages, where they merge with the tracks of a greater number of troops.

The homes have been looted and decimated. The residents killed, their bodies burning in smoldering piles.

The PCs search the decimated homes. They find 1 survivor, a cranky old man. In another house they’re attacked by a vicious snake, that fights to its death.

The day is mostly over, and the PCs prepare to continue on the path of the horde, when they see a figure flying in the distance.

The flying man asks the PCs to clean up the town, in return for a special reward…

Cue ’80s Clean-Up Montage Music!


Cor_Bob Cor_Bob

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